Light house café is a experience of happiness tied with perfectly blended cocktails. But why cant the same be experienced at home !!!!

With the dearness of cocktails to Mumbai’s heart the team at Light house Recipe café brings its signature cocktail bar to the home and outdoors.

We celebrate various types of cocktail parties from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings bridal and baby showers, business milestones or just a house a party but we never see any cocktails being served. We all love cocktails at bars and restaurants but never get to enjoy them on these occasions

Miss out no more…  Our services go from providing DIY cocktail kits to managing the entire events bar providing the same quality and happiness as at your favorite cocktail bar

Every one fancies to be a bartender. Throw those moves and make spectacular cocktails. The light house mix gets you there. Become a bartender just like that

How it Works?
  • Quick – it takes less than 5 minutes to make your cocktail
  • Cost effective – The ingredients for making a cocktail are available in the ready market in quantities much more than required for a cocktail drinking night, landing up in wastage. The portioned mix reduced the wastage cost
  • Convenience – Our creative method of making cocktails saves you the time and effort involved in studying recipes, buying the ingredients, cutting and chopping the ingredients and preparation of the cocktails

Having a House Party or a birthday party? Or an Engagement or Cocktail Party? Bridal or Baby Shower?

Email or call us and the light house mix will customize and deliver you a perfect cocktail menu for you and your guests.

Need a bartender or a bartending team? We’ll send them along too!

Contact: +91 99872 32423 (Khar) | +91 99674 14148 (Worli)

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